ame: Cole
Class: Prince
Background Story: Cole is the bastard son of King Emeric and the rightful heir to the throne. He has was born deep in the woods far away from the Kingdom and raised as a farmer not knowing his true lineage. It is up to you to unravel his destiny and become king.

Name: King Emeric
Class: King
Background Story: King Emeric has fallen ill due to a rare disease and only has months to live. He has no more sons left to take the throne when he passes away or so he says…

Name: Ayleth
Background Story:
Ayleth is the true queen of all the lands. She is a saint when it comes to giving the people what they want and a true healer of magic. She does not know of the kings love for Lucia.

Name: Lucia (Cole’s Mother)
Class: Peasant
Background Story: Lucia is the Kingdoms most kept secret. Her and the King had fallen in love in secret and had their beautiful begotten son Cole.