The transfer from Rpg Maker VX Ace to Rpg Maker MV

The transfer to Rpg Maker MV

I started the development of my game in Rpg Maker VX Ace but have since then decided to to transfer my project to Rpg Maker MV for a multitude of reasons. The fact MV has mobile support creates the possibility for greater exposure. All though, this is not something I would take on lightly because it is a big undertaking to keep my game up to date on more than one platform, let alone a mobile one. MV also has the option of increasing beyond the maximum resolution of previous iteration’s of Rpg Maker.


Mobile Support

With mobile support I can have greater exposure to more potential buyers and that helps me as the developer. Making the game available on mobile is no small undertaking because it requires me to build the game with mobile in mind during the course of development. I am willing to do this; however, I would like to know how many would want this game optimized for mobile. This will help me to better assess how much mobile features should be included in its development.

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