Why convert Corpse Mansion to Rpg Maker MV

Corpse Mansion

Why I converted Corpse Mansion to Rpg Maker MV

I started the development of Corpse Mansion in Rpg Maker VX Ace but have since then decided that converting my project to Rpg Maker MV has too many benefits to simply ignore.

  • Mobile Support
  • Browser Support
  • Mac Support
  • Linux Support
  • Javascript (you can do more with it.)
  • Non-restricted Resolution
  • Updates (MV is constantly getting updates which can include but not limited to increases in performance and fixes potential bugs with the engine.)
  • New plugins and resources are constantly in development for MV due to it being Ace’s successor.


As you can see there is just too many things to pass up here. Luckily, I wasn’t too far in Corpse Mansion’s development that doing the conversion was pretty simple for the most part. I look forward to seeing this game through to the end. However, I am paying for some professional pixel art for the game and unfortunately these things take time, especially with how customized I want the game to be.


Mobile Support

With mobile support I can have greater exposure to more potential buyers and that helps me as the developer. Making the game available on mobile is no small undertaking because it requires me to build the game with mobile in mind during the course of development. I am willing to do this; however, I would like to know how many would want this game optimized for mobile. This will help me to better assess how much mobile features should be included in its development.

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